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서론에 나온 표현


  1. It dawned on me. 
  2. It suddenly occurred to me. 
  3. I had an epiphany.

오늘의 표현 98편: ‘티 나다’와 ‘티 내다’를 영어로


이목구비: facial features 

  1. Your family’s facial features have stayed relatively the same over three generations. 
  2. I was worried that maybe you had misunderstood. 
  3. I have mild face blindness. 
  4. He has a serious case of face blindness. 
  5. People are sometimes offended when I don’t say hi. 


  1. I took the opportunity to get caught up on my lectures. 
  2. I finally got caught up on my homework. 
  3. American Thanksgiving is a commemoration of a feast enjoyed by early settlers and native Americans in 1621 in the Plymouth Colony. 
  4. Harvest Moon Festival 
  5. How did you spend Chuseok? 


  1. Lunar New Year
  2. Chinese New Year’s Eve 
  3. Korean New Year 


Listener Comments!

아이튠즈에 리뷰를 많이 남겨주세요 ~ 


  1. When I’m on the move…
  2. Podcasts are great for listening to when you’re on the move. 
  3. You’re taking your life in your own hands. 


  1. Who are you rooting for? 
  2. We’re always rooting for you! 
  3. Who are you pulling for? 
  4. You didn’t watch the lecture and it shows! 


  1. Your wish is my command! 


  1. This room is so stuffy. 
  2. Let’s get some ventilation in here. 
  3. Open the window. We need some ventilation. 
  4. Sorry to put you on the spot like this. 


Listening Test 1

Elon Musk speaks at a press conference 

  1. “He puts his money where his mouth is.” 
  2. That guy never puts his money where his mouth is! 
  3. That guy is just a big talker! 
  4. “It’s a non-trivial amount. 
  5. It’s of material impact to the BFR program. 
  6. It makes a difference. 
  7. He puts his money where is mouth is.” 


Listening Test 2 

  1. (X) It was sucks. 
  2. (O) It sucked. 
  3. I’m bad at English. 
  4. His English sucks. 
  5. “You only think it sucks, because you suck at it!” 
  6. “I don’t suck. It sucks. You suck!” 
  7. “If this game is going to cause trouble between you two, maybe I should just keep it.” 
  8. No one can come between us. 


Listening Test 3 

Jack Black on the Tonight Show

  1. Aerobic 
  2. Anaerobic 
  3. “There was so much cardio in that entrance.” 
  4. How much cardio do you do? 


Phoebe on a Date 

  1. “You’re coming on a little strong. 
  2. But I” ’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt.
  3. The universe really wants us to be together.


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