EiK Podcast 169편: 대인 관계에 대한 10가지 유용한 영어 표현!

거의 1년 만에 EIK 오디오 팟캐스트를 올립니다! 이번에 주변 사람들과의 사이를 묘사할 때 원어민처럼 말할 수 있는 다양한 표현을 살펴봤습니다. 표제어는 10개인데 이 방송에서 배운 표현을 다 합치면 50개가 넘어요!

튜터링 앱 링크: https://bit.ly/2zTTaaq
무료 쿠폰 코드는 EIK(다 대문자)입니다. 도움이 많이 되시길!

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  1. We get along.
  2. We don’t really get along. 
  3. We’ve never gotten along.
  4. We used to get along, but we don’t anymore. 
  5. We have a lot in common. 
  6. We don’t have a lot in common. 
  7. We’re really simpatico. 
  8. They have great chemistry. 
  9. We’re polar opposites. 
  10. He really gets on my nerves. 
  11. We go way back. 
  12. We’re old friends. 
  13. We’ve been friends for years. 
  14. We’re really close. 
  15. We have a close relationship. 
  16. We used to be really close.
  17. We had a falling-out. 
  18. We’re not on speaking terms.
  19. That guy drives me crazy.  
  20. He’s driving me up the wall. 
  21. I can’t stand that guy. 
  22. We’ve never really seen eye to eye. 
  23. My father and I have never really seen eye to eye. 
  24. We have a love-hate relationship. 
  25. We have a lot of mutual respect. 
  26. We have a lot of mutual friends.


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