EiK Podcast 170: SNS에 관련된 필수 표현 25가지!

강의에서 다룬 표현들이 아래에 있습니다!

서론에 나온 표현


  1. I reflected on my mistakes. 
  2. I took some time to reflect on the issue. 
  3. I gave it a second thought. 
  4. That was a regret of mine. 
  5. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
  6. Confucianism                  
  7. I analyzed the issue. 
  8. I did an in-depth analysis of the issue. 
  9. Survey 
  10. If you took a survey of random people on the street, you would find that…
  11. He has thick skin. 
  12. To make it on YouTube, you really need to have thick skin. 
  13. Easier said than done. 
  14. Are you active on social media? 
  15. 15. You’ve got to be tough.

    본 강의


  1. Social media 
  2. I posted it on social media. 
  3. I posted our picture on social media. 
  4. I posted it on my Instagram. 
  5. I texted him. 
  6. I sent you a text message. 
  7. I Googled it. 
  8. I Facebooked it. 
  9. I Instagrammed it. 
  10. I Tweeted it. 
  11. He Tweeted out the message to his 20,000 followers. 
  12. He has a large fan base. 
  13. She has a huge following online. 
  14. She has a huge following on social media. 
  15. He’s a social media influencer. 
  16. Those social media influencers like to throw their weight around. 
  17. He’s got a fat head.26:00
  1. It was all just a scam! 
  2. He’s a scammer. 
  3. Do you have a large following online? 
  4. If you follow me, I’ll follow you back. 
  5. Follow for follow 
  6. 100% follow back!
  7. I kicked him out for spamming. 
  8. Inactive accounts 
  9. The limit for friends is 5,000.
  10. I hate to unfriend people, but so many of my Facebook friends have inactive accounts…


  1. She ghosted me on social media. 
  2. I thought we had a great time, but she totally ghosted me. 
  3. I got kicked out for doing too much self-promotion in the group. 
  4. I gave it a thumbs-up. 
  5. I gave it a thumbs-down. 
  6. We gave that movie two thumbs-up. 
  7. He’s an Internet troll. 
  8. He’s just trolling you. Ignore him! 
  9. Positive comments / negative comments 
  10. “Internet troll” actually comes from “trawl”40:00
  1. Without the intuition of a native speaker, learning a new language can be very frustrating. 
  2. Let me know if you’d like me to follow you! 
  3. #Follow for follow

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