EiK Podcast 160: 휴대폰에 관련된 표현

Phone-related Expressions!

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What billing plan are you on?
I’m on the Unlimited Data Package.

How much data do you use per month?
I use about 5 or 6 gigs.

배터리 거의 다 나갔어: I’m almost out of batteries.
휴대폰 죽었어: My phone died.
휴대폰 배터리 다 나갔어: My phone ran out of batteries.
배터리 거의 다 나가서 끊길지도 몰라: We might get cut off because my phone is about to run out of batteries.

전화 끊은 거 아니야: I didn’t hang up on you.
(전원선 등을) 꽂아: to plug in
(전원선 등을) 빼: to unplug
충전기: charger
전원선: power cable

I wasn’t blowing you off earlier. My phone died.
I think we got cut off.
I didn’t hang up on you. We just got cut off.

방송에서 언급된 기타 표현:

He taught himself Korean.
He is self-taught.
I’m teaching myself how to speak Korean.

What brought you to Korea?
What do you do here in Korea?

I seized the opportunity.
It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Is that what you would call a “real job”?
I’ve never had a real job.

I’ve never had a corporate card or a lunch hour either.

You can find Colin’s blog at

All syllables receive the same amount of stress.

It brought back bad memories for me.
I was forced to eat my losses.

Can you hear me now?

Feast your eyes!
Feast your eyes on his countenance.


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