Everyday English 6

1. I’m broke. 나 빈털털이다 / 돈 다 떨어졌어
Could you spot me a few bucks? I’m broke.

2. He’s a broken man. 그는 처참한 사람이다 / 실의에 빠진 사람
After his daughter’s death, he lived the rest of his days as a broken man.

3. That guy’s big time. 그는 거물/잘나가는 사람이다
Wow, you know that guy? He’s big time!

4. You got it. 물론이다
Can you swing by the pharmacy on the way to work and pick me up some Tylenol?
You got it.

5. We go way back. 우리 오래된 사이다
How long have you known Jay?
We go way back.

6. Keep tabs on him. 그를 잘 지켜 봐 / 미행해라
I don’t trust that guy. Keep tabs on him for me.

7. He footed the bill. 그는 부담했다
I can’t keep footing the bill for your failed singing career.

8. It’s just shy of $100. 100 약간 못 미치게
I was just shy of the 1,800 won I needed for a beer, so I bought a bottle of soju instead.

9. He’s just venting again. 그는 그냥 화풀이하는 거야.
Don’t worry about him. He’s just venting.

10. I got burned again. 또 당하다
I knew I shouldn’t trust him and I was right. He burned me again.


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    thank you.

  2. Yeah~~~!!! thanks Micheal!
    I am still study English hard.and every single expression
    from your lecture is very useful in the states. it’s “real real”. and thank you for the favor u did for me.
    hope have a good day.
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