Everyday English 4

Everyday English 4

1. To drop names (자기가 아는 연예인이나 유명한 사람들의 이름을 나열하면서 잘난 체하다)
He’s just dropping names again.
That guy is always dropping names.
I’ve done shows with Isaac, and E. Boyoung, and Sun Kim…

2. To come around (원래 반대하던 것을 받아들이기 시작하다)
He’ll come around.
Give him some time and he’ll come around.
시간이 지나면 생각이 바뀔 거야

3. To not go over well (안 먹히다, 좋지 않은 반응을 불러일으키다)
It didn’t go over well.
The proposal didn’t go over well.

4. For something/someone to grow on someone (처음에 거부감을 느낀 것에 대해 시간이 지나면서 좋아하게 되다, 점점 좋아지다)
It’ll grow on you.
I didn’t like kimchi at first, but now it’s grown on me

5. To swing something (약속, 부탁 따위가 가능하다, 지키다, 실천하다)
Can you swing it?
I’d like you to stop by tomorrow and help out. Can you swing it?

6. To be a total bust (여행, 시도, 작업 등이 완전히 엉망이 되다)
It was a total bust.
The whole trip was a bust.

7. To go to town on something (뭔가에 대해 과도하게 대하거나 처리하다, 박살내다, 게걸스럽게 먹다)
He really went to town on it.
Wow, you really went to town on those fries.

8. To keep something just between us (우리끼리만 알고 있는 것으로 하다, 비밀로 하다)
This is just between us.
Let’s just keep this between us.

9. That really backfired on you. (말 안 하느니만 못하다, 역효과를 불러일으키다)
We asked the boss for a raise but he ended up slashing our pay.

10. To watch oneself (자신의 행실을 조심하다)
You’d better watch yourself.
You’d better check yourself.


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  1. Michael,
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    I might watch this whole next week and making those word my own.(맞게 쓴건지..anyway, I am trying:)))
    thanks again!

    1. Great! Yeah, this was my first lecture video in a long time.
      If the reaction is good and the view numbers are high, I’ll continue posting them regularly.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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