EiK 국제 뉴스 요약 보도 1편

EiK Podcast 113 – EiK 국제 뉴스 요약 보도 1편

여러분에게 영어 뉴스를 들을 기회를 드리기 위해 오늘부터 새로운 시도를 합니다.  앞으로 2주에 한 번 정도 세계 시사 뉴스를 아래와 같이 요약하고 프로 뉴스 앵커이신 Bruce Harrison과 함께 방송을 만들 예정입니다.  뉴스에 나오는 영어가 상당히 높은 수준이라 처음에 다 알아듣지 못해도 좌절하지 마시고 뒤에 있는 어휘 설명을 듣고 다시 들어보세요.  추천 학습법은 처음에 대본 안 보고 한 번 들어보면서 얼마나 이해하는지 스스로 평가해봅니다.  그 다음에 대본을 보면서 듣고 마지막으로 한 번 더 대본 없이 들어봅니다.

오바마 미 대통령 동성 결혼 찬성
President Barack Obama says he believes gay marriage should be legal.
Obama’s announcement to ABC News made him the first US president in history to officially endorse that right for gays. The president said he concluded that for him personally it was important to affirm that he thinks same-sex couples should be allowed to marry.
Obama’s election-year revelation stems from what he refers to as his “evolving” views on the subject.  However, likely Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, has already painted the incumbent head of state as a flip-flopper on the issue.  Some social conservatives believe Obama’s move could help unite the conservative base ahead of this November’s presidential election.
The election has largely focused on the economy and jobs, and gay marriage didn’t play much of a factor until Obama’s announcement. The president’s brave, but risky, move could prove beneficial though.  A Washington Post-ABC poll from March shows that 52 percent of adults in the US believe it should be legal for gay couples to marry.

여수 박람회 개막 둘째 주
The Yeosu Expo has entered week two on South Korea’s southern coast, drawing visitors with high-tech displays, from robot fish to giant holograms.  One hundred five countries and ten international organizations are taking part in this year’s World’s Fair in the southern coastal city of Yeosu.
This expo is themed, “The Living Ocean and Coast,” and boasts a number of displays on protecting the environment and oceans.  But many are drawn in for the flashy technology, such as the “Big O,” a giant sculpture that projects immense holograms at night.
Event organizers have been less than pleased with the turnout so far, with only 35,900 visitors on opening day. However, they expect upwards of 100,000 on a daily basis from July.

설탕 많이 먹으면 바보 된다고?
It’s long been known that sugar can make you fat, but a new study says too many Gummi Bears and Mountain Dews may also make you dumber.  A study conducted by UCLA discovered that when the common food sweetener, fructose, was given to rats, they had a harder time navigating a maze.  But UCLA researchers say there is hope to combat a sugar-induced brain drain.  When rats were given both a supplement of omega-3 fatty acids and fructose, they completed the maze much faster than the rats that didn’t get the omega-3s.  UCLA’s Fernando Gomez-Pinilla said in a news release that their “findings illustrate that what you eat affects how you think.”  He said eating a high-fructose diet over time affects the brain’s ability to learn and remember information, but incorporating omega-3 fatty acids in meals can help ease the damage.


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