Speak, Talk, Say

Q: One of these verbs requires a direct object. Which one is it?

Which of these sentences is incorrect?
a. We spoke about it.
b. We talked about it.
c. We said about it.

“Say”는 반드시 목적어가 필요한 동사입니다. 그러니 C번이 틀린 거겠죠?
C번을 맞게 쓰려면 “We said that.” 이라고 쓰시면 됩니다.
마찬가지로 “When I try to say in English” 같은 문장도 문법적으로 맞지 않습니다
“When I try to speak in English” 나 “When I try to say something in English” 라고 해야 합니다.


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