Ten in Ten 5편: 연애에 관련된 표현!

10 in 10 Episode 5

오늘 오랜만에 한꺼번에 영어 표현을 제일 많이 배우는 ‘Ten in Ten’ 학습을 올립니다! 오늘의 주제는 데이트와 연애에 관련된 영어입니다. ‘집착이 심한 애인’과 ‘나한테 딱 맞는 이상형’과 같은 재미있는 표현을 배우고 가세요. 도움이 많이 되시길!

제 무료 오디오 팟캐스트

유료 유튜브 채널

크리스 선생님의 유튜브 채널

They’re going out
How long have you two been together?
How long have you two been seeing each other?

Going out
Going steady

We’re dating
It’s official
Are you guys official?
We’re together
We’re seeing each other.

They broke up
We broke up
They broke up
We’re done

To dump someone
I got dumped 차였어요.
I dumped her
She dumped me
I always get dumped

They made up.
Break up and Make up
They’re always breaking up and making up again.
They’ve been on an off for the last five years.

She’s a keeper
He’s a keeper
Rose-tinted glasses 콩깍지
They’re still in the honeymoon phase

They have so much in common
You two look so good together
They make a great a couple
Mr. Right
She’s the one.
I really think she’s the one.
-I wanna spend the rest of my life with
It was love at first sight.

She’s out of his league. 그 여자 아까워요
She could do so much better.
She’s settling for less

She gave him an ultimatum.
She’s waiting for him to pop the question.
I’m still not ready to settle down
He didn’t want to settle down.

She cheated on me.
He cheated on her.
He cheated on the test.
cunning 교활한
He’s such a player
He has a bad reputation

He’s so needy. 집착
She’s so clingy.
He’s so possessive.
He’s so jealous.

We’re growing apart
We’re taking a break
We haven’t been getting along

He’s a momma’s boy.
She’s a daddy’s girl.

We’re growing apart.
She’s always the life of the party.
She’s a real social animal.

He’s a player.


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