Ten in Ten 4편: 커피숍에서 원어민처럼 주문하기! (Part 1)

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Ten in Ten: At a Cafe

Can I have a ~ ?
Can I get a ~ ?
May I have a ~ ?
I’d like a ~
One ~ please.

How may I help you?
What can I get you?
What will you be having?

I need a little more time.
I’m still deciding.
I still haven’t decided.
I’m still thinking.

You go ahead. I still need a little more time.

I’ll go with the ~
I think I’ll go with the ~
I’ll have what he’s having.
I’ll have one of those too.
Let me get one of those too.

What would you recommend?
What are your most popular drinks?
What are some of your bestsellers?
What are your specialties?

Have you been helped?
Are you guys together?
Is he/she in your party?

That’ll do it.
Will that do it for you?
Would like a pastry with that?

I’d like that to go, please.
Could you wrap that up for me?
Can I get that to go?
Could you warm that up for me?

Can you make that (extra) ~ for me?
extra strong
extra hot
extra mild
extra spicy

Can you make that with low fat milk?
Skinny latte

Can I have an extra shot in that please?

Do you guys give free refills?
Can I get a refill?
Can I get a refill on this?

I’ll go with my usual.

This isn’t what I ordered.
I think you got my order wrong.
Oh, I thought it would be bigger/sweeter/stronger.


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