EiK Podcast 151: ‘멍때리다’를 영어로

무료 유튜브 채널: 잉글리쉬인코리언 채널
유료 유튜브 채널: 영어 교실

‘멍때리다’를 영어로

To zone out

I zoned out: 잠깐 멍때리고 있었다.
Lost in thought: 생각에 잠긴 상태

To space out

Spaced out: 생각에 잠긴 상태
I was spacing out for a second.
I spaced it: 까맣게 잊어버렸다.

To daydream

I was just daydreaming.

My mind was wandering: 딴 생각하고 있었다.
In the zone: ~ 삼매경
Nothing could distract me today. I was really in the zone.


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5 thoughts on “EiK Podcast 151: ‘멍때리다’를 영어로

  1. 딴 생각하다를
    “You are in somewhere” 이라고 할 수도 있나요?
    드라마에서 언뜻 본 기억은 나는데
    항상 적용할 수 있는지는 모르겠네요.

    1. Ah, I think you mean, “You were somewhere else.”
      We sometimes use that expression when someone is daydreaming.

      Thanks for leaving a comment!

  2. 마이클 선생님 이 방송 다시 들어도 재있어요. 늘 감사합니다 . Beauty Mark 라고 하셨는데요. 아마 남자한테는 Birth Mark 고도 하지 않나요?? .

    1. Hello! ^^
      We use the word “birthmark” for both men and women, but it usually refers to a bigger spot than the word “beauty mark.”
      A “beauty mark” is usually a small black dot, whereas birthmarks can be very large and a variety of colors.

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