EiK Podcast 146: ‘땡땡이 치다’와 ‘따돌리다’

무료 ‘오늘의 표현’ 동영상 팟캐스트
무료 유튜브 채널: 잉글리쉬인코리언 채널
유료 유튜브 채널: 영어 교실
땡땡이 치다: to ditch (class) / to skip (class)
Why don’t we just ditch class and head to the mall?
How about ditching today and seeing a movie?
You need to stop ditching class!

누군가를 따돌리다: to ditch someone
Let’s ditch Mark and just go by ourselves.

약속을 안 지키다: to not show up
I waited for at least an hour, but he never showed up.

약속을 못 지키다: to not be able to make it
I am sorry, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it tomorrow.
Will you be able to make it next time?

어색한 표현: He broke our date etc.


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