EiK Podcast 138: ‘Must’의 진짜 용법

무료 ‘오늘의 표현’ 동영상 팟캐스트
무료 유튜브 채널: 잉글리쉬인코리언 채널
유료 유튜브 채널: 영어 교실

Rarely used to mean “해야 하다,” except in formal speech.
“Have to” is used conversationally, while “must” is used in writing.

“Must” when used to express an assumption about someone else:
You must be tired.
You must be worn out.
You must be exhausted. (힘 다 빠졌겠어요.)
You must be so relieved. (마음이 놓이시겠어요/안심되시겠어요)
You must have let out a sigh of relief at the news that he was safe.

You must’ve been so disappointed.
They must’ve been devastated.
They must’ve been just devastated at the news. (처참한 심정이었겠어요)


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