“Talk” 들어가는 동사구들

1. To talk someone into something
누군가를 무슨 무슨 행동을 하도록 설득시키다

I talked my brother into selling me his car for $4,000.
President Bush talked the American people into the invasion of Iraq.

2. To talk someone out of something
무슨 무슨 행동하지 않도록 말리다

I talked my friend out of going on a missionary trip to Afghanistan.
My friend talked me out of fighting with that guy at the club last night.

3. To talk something over
무슨 무슨 일을 남이랑 논의하다

We may be able to give you a raise, but I’ll have to talk it over with the president.
I still haven’t had time to talk it over with Dad.

4. To talk back

Don’t talk back!
I’m sick of you always talking back.

5. To talk down to someone
남을 얕보는 식으로 말하다

I think our boss is a good leader, but sometimes I feel like he is talking down to me.
I hate it when people talk down to me.


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