EiK Podcast 175: 원어민들이 입에 달고 사는 10가지 오늘의 표현! 3편 (영어 숙어, 속어와 관용어)

한꺼번에 원어민들이 빈도 높게 쓰는 수십 개 회화 표현을 (이름은 10가지이지만) 배우는 강의를 올립니다. 도움이 됐으면 구독, 좋아요 많이 해주세요. 한국어로 설명해주는 원조 유튜브 원어민 강의: English in Korean! http://www.facebook.com/EnglishinKorean

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Podcast 175 

팟캐스트에서 다룬 기타 표현!


“Edit out” vs “edit”

I did a cameo, but they edited me out. 

They edited out my part. 


She’s an aspiring interpreter. 

What do you aspire to be? 

원고에 충실하다: To be faithful to the original 


Be careful not to ~ 

Be careful not to catch a cold. 

“Take care” vs “take care of yourself” 

With the changing of the seasons, it’s easy to catch a cold. 


The temperature has been fluctuating a lot throughout the day. 

이맘때 This time of the year…

I’m kind of an introvert. 

I’m kind of introverted. 

I’m an extrovert. 

I’m kind of extroverted. 

I can use my age as an excuse now. 


I like a little bit of everything. 


How late did you stay out last night? 

How late were you out drinking last night? 

통금 시간: curfew 

She has a curfew.

It’s a shame you couldn’t stay out later. 

It’s too bad you had to leave so soon. 

15:30 Main Lesson 

He’s not even worth your time! 

1. She’s out of your league. 

He’s on a different level. 

He’s on a different plane. 

She’s on a different level of consciousness. 

Dream on! 

I don’t know what she sees in him. 

I don’t know what he sees in her. 


She’s seeing things through rose-tinted glasses. 

Love can make you see things through rose-tinted glasses.


2. I have mixed feelings about it. 

A: Today’s your last day, isn’t it? How do you feel about quitting? 

B: I have mixed feelings about it: honestly, I was getting sick of working here, but I’m definitely going to miss my friends. 

I’m ambivalent. 

He’s feeling ambivalent about it. 

Stop being wishy-washy. 

He’s being indecisive. 

Standard: He’s a talented man. 

Formal: He’s a man of great talent.


3.Don’t let it get to you.

The heat is starting to get to me. 

This humidity is really starting to get to me. 

4. “That guy’s just a big talker” vs “He’s got a big mouth. “

He never executes on anything. 

He never puts his words into action. 

그 사람 말만 앞서는 사람이야. / 그는 입이 가벼워요.

5. He’s always the life of the party. 

그는 항상 분위기 메이커예요.

(분위기 잘 띄우는 사람)

Don’t forget to invite John. That guy’s the life of the party. 

유의어: party animal 


Don’t be such a Debbie Downer. 

Don’t be a wallflower. 

Stop being such a buzzkill. 

I’m starting to feel a little buzzed. 

That guy can’t hold his liquor. 

7. It really puts things in(to) perspective (원근감).

이번 일로 세상을 보는 눈 달라졌어요.

(내 문제가 얼마나 하찮은 건지 알게 됐다.)  

That experience really changed my whole outlook/perspective on life. 

It changed my whole value system. 


7. He’s starting to grow on me. (그 친구를 점점 좋아하게 됐어요) 

He’s grown on me. 

Kimchi is an acquired taste. 

Cigars are an acquired taste. 


He’s a cigar aficionado. 

He’s a real whiskey aficionado. 

8. How did he manage to get into such a good school? (그 사람은 어떻게 그렇게 좋은 학교에 입학할 수 있었을까?)

How did you manage to get here so quickly?

How did you manage to beat us here? 

How did she manage to get the highest grade in the class? 

9. Let’s hit the road. (떠나자)

It’s time to hit the road. 

I’m going to hit the gym after work. Wanna tag along? 

I think you’d better hit the books. 


10. It’s my last resort. (그게 최후의 수단이야)

As a last resort, you could ask your dad for money. 

(다른 방법 없으니) 최후의 수단으로 아버지한테 돈 빌려달라고 할 수 있잖아.

As a last resort, you could just teach at a hakwon again. 

If all else fails, you could just come back and teach English in the game. 


Fall is in full swing. 

The semester is in full swing. 


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