Everyday English 11

1. She’s had some work done.
A: I can tell she’s had some work done.
B: Oh, really? How do you know?

2. He gave me a run for my money.
A: Are there any candidates out there who can give Hillary a run for her money in 2016?
B: It doesn’t look like it.

3. That really takes the cake!
A: She left you at the alter? Wow, that really takes the cake!
B: Yeah, tell me about it.

4. Fat chance.
A: Dad, can I borrow the Ferrari for the afternoon.
B: Fat chance!

5. That’s not gonna cut it.
A: The boss asked us to prepare a multimedia presentation. This isn’t gonna cut it.
B: Oh, really? I thought these printouts would be enough.

6. Get with the program!
A: We’re doing sprints today — not cross country! Get with the program!
B: Yes, coach. Sorry about that.

7. Cut me some slack.
A: You were late again today and now you’re taking an early break?
B: Could you cut me some slack? I’ve been really sick for the last three days.

8. It’s starting to kick in.
A: I think the medicine is starting to kick in.
B: Really? That was fast.

9. Don’t go there.
A: Have you been in touch with your ex?
B: Dude, don’t even go there.

10. The resemblance is uncanny.
A: Wow, that guy looks exactly like Obama.
B: Yeah, the resemblance is uncanny!


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