EiK Podcast 147: ‘정신없다’를 영어로

마이클의 온라인 회화 교실!
여기를 클릭하시면 마이클의 ‘온라인 영어 교실’로 연결됩니다.
구독하신 분은 영작문 교정을 받을 수 있고 60개 넘는 구독자 전용 학습 동영상을 받아보실 수 있습니다!

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오늘의 주제: ‘정신없다’를 영어로

1. Flustered
I was running all around town today. I was so flustered.
I was so flustered today, I completely forgot it was your birthday.

그걸 깜빡했다: It slipped my mind / I spaced it.

2. Hectic

I have a very hectic schedule.

I’d like to meet you next week, but my schedule is just too hectic.

3. Chaotic
Choas의 영어 발음: 케이어스

It was such a chaotic scene.
It was complete chaos.
The neighborhood market was bustling and chaotic.

4. Scatterbrained

With all I’ve got on my plate right now, of course I’m going to be a little scatterbrained.


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