EiK Podcast 131: ‘방해하다’와 ‘Interrupt’의 차이점

잉글리쉬인코리언 책 보충수업 3 (38-39 쪽)

EiK Podcast 131: Don’t Interrupt Me!



To interrupt: 상대방의 말에 끼어들다
To cut somebody off: 남의 말을 끊다
To jump in: 끼어들다

It’s not polite to interrupt.

Please don’t interrupt me. I’m trying to tell you something very important.


To disturb: 방해하다

Don’t disturb me when I’m watching football.
Please do not disturb the neighbors.


To bother: 괴롭히다
A bother: 귀찮은 일
Bothersome: 귀찮은 (일 따위)

I can’t concentrate at home because my little brother is always bothering me.

A hassle: 귀찮은 일

Filling out all this paperwork is such a hassle.
Catching a cab can be such a hassle.


To distract: 다른 데에 마음이 쏠리게 하다, 남의 관심을 (괜히) 끌다.
A distraction: 마음을 산만하게 하는 것
Distracting: 마음을 산만하게 하는

Messages are such a distraction when I’m trying to study.


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