EiK Podcast 130: ‘Such’와 ‘So’를 이제 맞게 씁시다!

잉글리쉬인코리언 책 보충수업 2 ( 36-37 쪽)

‘Such’와 ‘So’를 이제 맞게 씁시다!


한국인들이 자주 하는 문법 실수 중 하나가 바로 이 ‘such’와 ‘so’의 사용법인 것 같습니다. 한번 시원하게 정리해두면 그렇게 어렵지 않아요. 이번 기회에 같이 한번 정확히 배워봅시다.

자주 하는 틀린 표현: ‘He’s so a nice guy,’ ‘He’s so a rich,’ ‘He’s so a smart guy,’ ‘He’s so a genius,’ ‘It was so a boring movie.’

맞는 표현:
He’s such a nice guy.
He’s so nice.

He’s such a kind man.
He’s such a trustworthy man.

She’s such an intelligent woman.
She’s so intelligent.

This place is so wonderful.
This is such a wonderful place.

He’s such an amazing man.
He’s so amazing.

That work was so touching.
That was such a touching work.

That lecture was so boring.
It was such a boring lecture.

The trip we had was so amazing.
We had such an amazing trip.

He’s so rich.
He’s such a rich man.

We’re having such wonderful weather.
The weather we’re having is so wonderful.

“So” and “such” are such easy words to use!
“So” and “such” are so easy!


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