Everyday English 7

1. You must be kicking yourself.
후회하고 있겠네요.

I had the chance to invest in Apple when it was a fledgling computer company, but I was afraid to take the risk. I’ve been kicking myself ever since.

2. You’ve got guts.
배짱 좋네!

A: I finally gave the boss a piece of my mind.
B: Wow, you’ve got guts.

3. Let’s bounce.
자리 뜨자.

This party’s lame. Let’s bounce.

4. Did it ever occur to you that?
그런 생각은 못 해봤어?

Did it ever occur to you that this might actually be all your fault?

5. Don’t I have a say in this?
나 말할 권리 없어?

A: I’m getting married next week and that’s final!
B: As your father, don’t I have a say in this?

6. Pull yourself together!
정신 차려!

A: I just can’t go on. It’s all over for me. I’m a goner for sure.
B: Pull yourself together, man!

7. Suit yourself.
그래 잘 해봐라.

A: I know it’s a long way but I don’t think we should be polluting the environment by driving unnecessarily. I’m walking.
B: Suit yourself!

8. He’s talking smack.
입이 걸다
입을 나불거리다

That guy is always talking smack on the basketball court.

9. You killed it out there tonight.
You destroyed it out there.

A: Wow, you really killed it out there tonight!
B: What are you talking about? I thought the response was pretty muted.

10. I really bombed out there tonight.
오늘 완전히 망했다.

Wow, I really bombed out there tonight. It’s OK, though, because I killed it yesterday.


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