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2 thoughts on “크리스마스 특집입니다!

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    그밖에도 많지만.. 위의 이야기들은 늘 쉬워보이지만 하루에 하나도 제대로 하기가 쉽지 않다라구요. 저도 일하는 엄마구, 집안일 하며 아이 돌보며 멀티로 살아가다 보니 때론 내가 뭘 하고 있나 싶더라구요.
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  2. Hi all guys .
    Today(2012.12.27) I knew this webpage. That is amazing Eng study webpage.
    Cupple years ago I lived Canadian friend in Korea Sadangdong.
    So when i found this site, It’s hard for me to express to word.

    My New Year’s resolution is reusing Eng my live. Meaning is I wanna meet again Joel.
    He told maybe will buy ticket January. That’s cool news to me.

    Another good news I know your webpage. Thank you so much.
    From now I use every day englishinkorean.com and your Facebook. Exactly

    For early future my dream will make this kind of webpage(Englishsite).
    (Already i made some episodeon youtube)

    If you have enough time I want to meet you ASAP.

    Anyway today I feel much better after meeting you guys.

    From korean energetic guy
    Hanbyeol Ryu

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