“Buy”들어가는 동사구들

Buy into

(사상을) 받아들이다



1. I liked what I saw in wealthy nations of Northern Europe, but I’ve never been able to fully buy into the idea of socialism.

2. Of course, I’m a big fan of our CEO, but I’ve never been able to fully buy into his plans for making inroads into the Australian market.

3. I appreciate many aspects of the Christian doctrine, but I’ve never been able to fully buy into the idea of original sin.

Inroads: 진출

Doctrine: 교리

Original sin: 원죄

Buy off

(뇌물로) 매수하다


I wonder if the reason that Mafioso was declared not guilty again was because they somehow managed to buy off the jury.

How did those criminals run a drug ring right under everyone’s nose like that?

I heard it’s because they bought off the cops.

Mafioso: 마피아의 우두머리

Jury: 배심원단 (집합)

Buy out


권리를 사다


Q: How could they vote him out as CEO?

A: First the board bought his family out of their controlling share and then they passed a resolution removing him.

Q: Mark Zuckerburg still owns the largest share of Facebook, right?

A: Yeah, I don’t think he will ever be bought out.

Buy up



China has been buying up US dollars for the last decade.

Throughout the global financial crisis, the South Korean government was busy buying up troubled assets all across the globe.

Troubled assets: 부실 자산


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  1. Hi Michael,

    Can we use “Buy up” and “Buy out” interchageably? Both mean “사들이다”.
    Wonder there is a little difference in the usage..^^

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